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Private Pilates

Private sessions are designed to work toward your fitness goals.  Think of Pilates staying with you after your sessions.  Picking up your grandkids with no pain or putting away groceries in high cupboard with no pain.  That is the power of Pilates.  Teaching the body to move in all directions while creating long muscles that are not in a state of tightness.  Let’s work together so you can enjoy all the things you love.

All packages expire 3 months from date of purchase.  

Single $85 | 4 Pack $330 | 8 Pack $640

Duet Pilates

Duet Pilates Session Denver are for friends, couples, or partners.  Want a more affordable option than a private session?  I know how to teach with building blocks so even the most advanced student can be challenged next to a beginner.  So grab a bud and register for a duet lesson.  If you need a partner, call the studio.

All sessions are by 55 minutes and appointment only.  Prices are listed per person.  All packages expire 3 months from date of purchase.

Single $50 | 4 Pack $188/ | 8 Pack $360

Trio (3 people)

Single $45 | 4 Pack $160 | 8 Pack $260

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