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If you are new to Pilates, or to our boutique studio, we suggest starting with our New Client intro pack.  These Pilates sessions can be scheduled in the studio or virtual.  These first few sessions will introduce you to the Pilates Classical order and apparatus like the Reformer, Mat and Tower.  Once you develop a good base you can choose to work out with a friend (duo session) or workout with two friends (trio session).

Intro Sessions

Cost:  $220

The Package includes the following:

  • 55 Minute introductory session and 30 minute client intake
  • Two, 55 minute private Pilates sessions
  • Expires in Four Weeks

Learn More!

If you would like to learn more about Pilates and the founder Joseph Pilates, visit our blog.  There is also a FREE Five Day Pilates Challenge that you can sign up to complete.  We would love to introduce you to the Pilates system and teach you how to transform your body.

The First Session

You start out by filling out a short health history form so I can address your Pilates goals and previous injuries.  If you have experienced a recent injury, underwent surgery, or are currently pregnant, please call our studio before signing up for a session on our booking software.

When arriving at your first Pilates session, please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.  Necklaces may catch on the head rest of the Reformer, so make sure to remove it when you arrive.  Please arrive 10 minutes early so I can go over your health history form that you completed online.  Come ready to move and leave your stress at the door.

Personal Training

Hybrid Prices

I believe in flexibility.  I don’t make you sign a contract or commit to long contracts.  Month to Month.  I know my hybrid option will get you the result with community support, weekly check-in and easy to follow programs.  I use the Ever Fit training software.

  • 1 month of programming 3-4 workouts $100 (online)

One To One Personal Training (on-site)

  • One session $75
  • 5 pre-paid sessions $350

Terms & Conditions

  • The studio has a 12-hour cancellation policy that we enforce.  If you know you are unable to make your scheduled sessions, please cancel online on our app to avoid being charged the cancellation fee to the credit card on file.  This will open up the time slot for another client waiting for a spot.
  • Use the wait list to make sure you get called when a spot opens up on the calendar
  • Take a break from your phone and leave it on silent during your session
  • If you are late to a session, the session will not be extended to accommodate students.
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