Pilates Policies

Welcome to Denver Pilates Girl studio, where responsible reservation ensures a seamless experience for all. Please adhere to the following policies and procedures to maintain the integrity of our classes and sessions.

Respect the time of your fellow students and instructors by arriving promptly. Please ensure you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled class to settle in. To maintain safety and security, our doors are locked during sessions. If you arrive late and find the doors locked, unfortunately, you’ve missed your class. Please refrain from disrupting ongoing sessions by knocking on the door.


Late arrivals disrupt the flow of the class and compromise safety. To maintain focus and ensure everyone’s safety, clients arriving more than 10 minutes after the class start time will not be admitted, forfeiting their session price and incurring a “late cancellation” fee.
In the event of a standby client waiting to join a full class, physically present clients will receive priority. If you lose your reservation to a standby client, no forfeiture or fee will apply.


Respect the time of our instructors and fellow clients by adhering to our cancellation policies:
– Use your Norerro account online or via the app to manage reservations.
– If unable to cancel online, contact the studio directly.
– Ensure your contact information is up-to-date for timely notifications.
– Manage your schedule responsibly, including reservations, cancellations, and wait-listing.

For Reformer Classes, cancel within 12 hours to avoid penalties. Late cancellations incur a $15 fee.
For Private & Duet Sessions, cancel within 24 hours to avoid forfeiture. Rescheduling within the 24-hour window still incurs a late cancellation fee.


Select classes suitable for your level and needs. If unsure, consult with our staff for guidance on appropriate options.


Maintain a peaceful environment by refraining from phone conversations and silencing electronic devices during sessions.


Hygiene and safety are paramount. Wear optional grip socks for all Pilates sessions, and refrain from wearing shoes on the studio floor. Please wear comfortable, studio-appropriate attire that allows for freedom of movement.


Store personal items in designated cubbies and avoid bringing them to the reformer. Empty pockets to prevent items from falling into the apparatus and leave necklaces in your locker.


Attendees must be 18 years or older.


Inappropriate behavior or unsatisfactory payment history may result in termination or denial of packages or class passes, with no refunds provided.


In the event of inclement weather, check Noterro for class cancellations. Ensure your contact information is updated to receive automated notifications.


Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a positive and safe environment at Denver Pilates Girl studio. We appreciate your commitment to responsible reservation and adherence to our policies and procedures.

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