Tight hip flexors are often described as the sensation of tension primarily at the tensor fascia late muscle (TFL).

πŸ”Ά Though the TFL may create this sensation, the reduction in your hip mobility, specifically hip extension, most likely occurs due to limitations of the primary hip flexors such as the psoas, iliacus, and I would even throw in the rectus femoris.

πŸ”Ά This tension and lack of mobility can happen for many reasons such as sedentary lifestyle, weakness at these muscles, poor control over our center of mass, and much more and it’s a very common issue.

🎯 So how exactly do we get these hips unlocked and improve the tension?

🎯 Well first, you have to create some space. I have found that mobility drills and stretching can greatly improve our mobility and reduce hip flexor tightness.

πŸ’ͺ Then, you need to strengthen the hip flexors (as well as the surrounding muscles) through full ranges of motion so that you can keep making progress. Use it or lose it, right?