What To know for your first Pilates Class or Lesson

A high five to you for taking the first step to a healthier spine, mind and body. Pilates is more than an exercise routine, It can transform your body, teach you to move, and decrease joint pain. It does not matter if you are active or looking to get into a routine, Pilates is here to support you and your body today. Pilates has many health benefits that include developing length in your muscles, stress reduction, stronger core and promote a mind body connection.


Pilates History

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates. He believed that mental and physical health were related. Joseph was an immigrant from Germany and opened his first Pilates Studio Called Body Conditioning Gym in New York City in 1926 with his wife Clara Zeuner. He also published two books that relate to his training method the first is called Your Health published in 1934. The second is called Return to life through Contrology in 1945. I would strongly recommend them on your reading list. Joe continued to teach in the New York studio until his death in 1934


What You Need To Know As A First Time Pilates Student

I suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in and go over your initial intake form that was emailed to you to complete. Most studios will require you to sign a liability waiver which is common practice. You will be asked to remove your shoes when you enter the studio so you don’t track in outside dirt.


What Clothing To Wear To A Pilates Class Or Private Session:

If you arrive in street wear, we ask that you change in the changing room in the studio or restroom. Our studio often relieves questions from first time students and here are our best recommendations.

  • Athletic pants or compression shorts under fitness shorts for men.
  • Yoga top or t-shirt that is comfortable and has a snug fit will help a Pialtes teacher see your movements and offer correction.
  • Hair: If you have long hair, tie it up high in a ponytail or bun so when you lay on your back it does not get in the way.
  • Socks: The studio does not allow socks. Bare Feet are recommended so you can feel the apparatus.
  • Zippers/Buttons: Please avoid clothing with zippers, buttons, snaps as it could rip or tear the vinyl on the apparatus while performing various exercises.
  • Perfumes and lotions: We kindly ask that you don’t wear perfume as the smell can affect others in the studio and lotion can stain the apparatus.

If you have any other questions, please reach out. Our goal as your Denver Pilates Teacher is to make you feel comfortable and encourage you with your Pilates practice. We hope to see you in the studio soon.