Mobility Drill Y, T, W: Decreased range of motion is often associated with pain and injuries to the joint or surrounding muscle tissue including the shoulder rotator cuff. This can limit a person’s ability to do daily chores like putting things away on a high shelf.

Now this is getting into some upper body movement and stability simultaneously. These three drills are about shoulder mobility and stability. It’s very important to keep the feet on the floor active and pressing downward as the arms lift in the air. If you had to place a glass of water on the other tailbone while the arms lifted, the glass should not spill. 😀

  • Where can that arms reach? How is it different from one arm to another?
  • If you have a small 1 pound dumbbells use it! This provides added resistance
  • Continue to press the front of the pelvic bones into the floor
  • Press your arms into the mat, maintain a nice open chest and long neck.
  • Do this 5 times and switch direction, keep in mind that the arms reach forward on the “Y” and to the side walls on the “T”

This mobility drill teaches your arms to move independently from your ribcage. If your ribs move it will show up in other exercises. Can you guess which ones?